Just had a conversation with Cory Schimf from Troy Stewart Contracting Services here in Vancouver and we were discussing the use of our eco safe, green Wash Safe Cedar Wash and our Wash Safe New England Coastal Cedar Seal in his Cedar Roof restoration and Cedar Roof Cleaning business. He has an idea he agreed to share.

As anyone knows who has been up on Cedar Shake roofs, if they are wet or have any moss or algae on them, they are as slippery as ice and very dangerous to move around on. Cory has a neat trick..he has salvaged the thick foam from discarded sofas, and using 3 – 4 ot these foam pads easily moves around the slippery Cedar Shingles…he says that you can step right on the sponge and slippery or not you absolutely will not move!

From my point of view thats a double win..your safe roof technique is enhanced and we keep that nasty old foam from ending up in a landfill…Cory, you get the “Way to Go” award for this one!!!