Fast and friendly service!  
Bill Parsons   

As a building service contractor, I try to leave as small of an environmental footprint as possible while still giving my customer base the results they expect. The Wash Safe products I've used have consistently outperformed my expectations while not using some of the nasty chemistry that was required before. It's worked extremely well on everything from heavily soiled tile and grout, slimy west coast balconies to concrete walkways - all without leaving harmful products behind. Much safer for me and my staff!, The products are easy to use and very safe. Many thanks to Doug and his staff for the fast and friendly service!

Rust Off Cleans Yellow Scum off Boat Hull Like Magic!  
Frank S.   

The little boat store at Stone's Marina sells Rust Off and I have told a lot of people about it. I keep my chaparral on a trailer because I'm too fussy to leave it in the water. I spent three weeks on the Puget Sound this summer and when I brought the boat home there was a yellow stain on the white fiberglass - gross. I tried toilet bowl cleaner and a bunch of other stuff - no luck. My neighbour said try your cleaner and 10 minutes later the boat looked like new. Rust Off is the best!

I tried Roof Wash and was immediately very impressed  
Len McMahon   

After using two other products I tried Roof Wash and was immediately very impressed. The results were evident a very short time after the product was applied, and has continued to improve as the dead algae and lichens get washed off by the rain. I applied the product on a five year old cedar shake roof and it has obviously extended the future life of the roof. I would like to try the roof shine the next time I do the roof and look forward to seeing the results of that product, thanks.

Roof Wash is Fantastic  
Doug M.   

I’ve used it now for about 4 years. The first year I had a lot of moss and it took it all off with one application. Now I just use it for maintenance. Great to find a product that actually works as advertised. I have a large home with about 2000 sq feet of roof surface. I use a small BE transfer pump and mix the solution in a large garbage container then just spray it on the roof with a hose. Thanks again.

Very happy to have invested in the equipment  
Chris Jackson    North Cowichan, BC    Website   

Hey this is Chris Jackson at The Window Viper Glass Gutter Cleaning Service, on Vancouver Island. We started using Roof Wash on a regular basis this year and am very happy to have invested in the equipment to apply this product by truck mounted pump and reservoir.

A great alternative for the forward thinkers  
Trish Coulombe    Victoria, BC    Website   

We operate in Victoria BC, solely using these great products for moss, dirt and algae removal. I'm confident that the products offered are superior to chemicals. A great alternative for the forward thinkers and respecting the environment. Doug is also very kind, offering advice and rapid replies. Thanks, Doug for contributing to our successful company and making our environment a top priority!

This green alternative makes total sense  
Trevor Johnson   

As a roof and concrete cleaning specialist with many roof and driveway cleans behind us, I can truly say that these products work extremely effectively and perform exactly as per the guarantee by Wash Safe Canada. We use these products on all of our jobs with confidence and great success. Organic & friendly to the environment with no danger to plant life this green alternative makes total sense.

I highly recommend Wash Safe Canada products to any exterior maintenance service provider  
Jesse Nichol    Squamish, BC   

We are your professional exterior maintenance service provider. Servicing Squamish, Whistler, North Vancouver, West Vancouver and Sea to Sky corridor. Wash Safe Canada has been a fantastic product. We do a lot of roof cleaning and roof treatments. It is Eco friendly and a great product and I highly recommend it to any exterior maintenance service provider. Thanks Doug for all your hard work.

I will always choose your products in future  
Sylvia Leduc   

Thanks for being so kind and I will always choose your products in future. Great customer service for sure and products.

The results were beyond our wildest imagination  
Helen Little   

Our redwood siding was in such a state that my husband and I feared that we would have to replace it or at best use a solid stain. We had several professionals look at the condition of the wood and they concurred that more than likely we would have use solid stain. Thankfully we found an exterior wood expert who suggested we use Cedar Wash. The results were beyond our wildest imagination. The professionals who we hired to clean and stain the siding were also amazed and stated that if it were their house they would apply a clear coat. The product is everything the manufacturer claims it to be. Thank you Cedar Wash!

Totally pleased by the product  
John B.   

Just had my roof cleaned for the third time in nine years by Tims Solutions. Totally pleased by the product, the results and by Tim's thoroughly professional service. I will be recommending him and your product to all who enquire.