Using Oxy House Mold and Mildew Wash to clean up after the water has receded:

Product Description
Using a powdered form of hydrogen peroxide as the active ingredient, this product is effective for neutralizing the surface stains and odours that almost immediately follow the receding waters of a flooded home or cottage.

Oxy House Mold and Mildew Wash not only destroys the harmful spores that cause those horrible stains and smells, but deodorizes with a hint of fresh citrus, a healthy alternative to the toxic fumes of bleach or TSP.

Oxy House Mold and Mildew only attacks the mold spores and will not harm your plants, or lawns, pets, wildlife, or fish. It biodegrades into simple water and oxygen after use.


Outdoor: crawl spaces, boathouses, stains on walls or siding, decks, walkways, stairs,
virtually any area or surface that has been in contact with the flood waters.
Interior: flooring, furniture, some carpets, walls, clothing, bedding, cutlery, cupboards,
toys, anything that has been in contact with the water.


Dry areas immediately through ventilation and dehumidifying and remove damaged
material. Drywall, if saturated may need to be replaced. Spray all surfaces that have
been wet or damp with the Mold and Mildew Wash solution including floor, walls,
shelves and closets. Following directions on the container (1/2 cup per gallon water),
let spray dry, then wipe down with fresh water. If crawlspace just spray thoroughly