Stain & Odour EvaporatorAlthough all of Wash Safe Canada‘s containers have mixing instructions on each Wash Safe bottle, we thought it might be interesting to give mixing instructions for smaller household cleaning problems. When using our Mold and Mildew Wash, Stain and Odour Evaporator, Flood Rx and All Star Sports Wash the following table might prove useful:

1 cup = 16 tablespoons

1 gallon = 8 tbsp or 1/2 cup

32 oz (quart) = 2 tbsp

8 oz (cup) = 11/2 tbsp

Use warm water for easy dissolving but use cold water for grass or blood stains

Hope this makes your indoor, small project eco safe cleaning jobs easier to set up!

We note that several Universities’ Athletic Departments are using All Star Sports Wash for the eco safe laundering of their althletic equipment . This is beneficial for two reasons..not only does the product clean as a detergent, but it attacks the nasty infection carrying bacteria that is responsible for the dreadful smell in men’s and women’s (sorry ladies) uniforms and equipment. This beneficial washing technique is important for althletes of all ages and levels as all of us face the same smelly, bacterial growing in improperly washed uniforms and equipment. Have a look at the humorous, but informative video on our All Star Sports Wash page at