Avoid An Expensive Roof Replacement By Easily Removing Moss, Algae And Mold From Your Shingles!

  • Remove moss, black algae, mold, lichen or any fungus that may grow on roofs and eat away at your roof shingles
  • Safe and effective for asphalt, metal, tile, wood shake, rubber and new composite roofing materials
  • Feel confident knowing our product won’t harm your children, pets or landscaping!

If you are looking for a safe, effective way to clean to clean stains or debris caused by algae and moss from your roof without harming your pets or your landscaping, our Roof Wash is exactly what you need. We field tested and perfected our formula over years in the roof cleaning industry and as the manufacturer, we stand behind the efficacy and safety of our product 100%.

Check out how a dirty roof can actually put your home insurance in jeopardy!

Watch Roof Wash At Work…

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And See The Results!


Actual Untouched Photo Showing The Effectiveness Of Roof Wash! (please note that the roof was lightly rinsed after application at less than 1000 psi)

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850g Container

$4235(plus shipping)

4.5kg Container

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18kg Container

$34720(plus shipping)
Thanks for your presentation the other day!

I got to use the product myself on a roof treatment job and I was really happy with how it turned out.

Will be getting more and recommending the product to my subcontractors.

Chris L.

A great alternative for the forward thinkers

We operate in Victoria BC, solely using these great products for moss, dirt and algae removal. I’m confident that the products offered are superior to chemicals. A great alternative for the forward thinkers and respecting the environment. Doug is also very kind, offering advice and rapid replies. Thanks, Doug for contributing to our successful company and making our environment a top priority!

Trish Coulombe, Victoria, BC

I tried Roof Wash and was immediately very impressed

After using two other products I tried Roof Wash and was immediately very impressed. The results were evident a very short time after the product was applied, and has continued to improve as the dead algae and lichens get washed off by the rain. I applied the product on a five year old cedar shake roof and it has obviously extended the future life of the roof.

Len McMahon

Totally pleased by the product

Just had my roof cleaned for the third time in nine years by Tims Solutions. Totally pleased by the product, the results and by Tim’s thoroughly professional service. I will be recommending him and your product to all who enquire.

John B.

Roof Wash is Fantastic

I’ve used it now for about 4 years. The first year I had a lot of moss and it took it all off with one application. Now I just use it for maintenance. Great to find a product that actually works as advertised. I have a large home with about 2000 sq feet of roof surface. I use a small BE transfer pump and mix the solution in a large garbage container then just spray it on the roof with a hose. Thanks again.

Doug M.

Very happy to have invested in the equipment

Hey this is Chris Jackson at The Window Viper Glass Gutter Cleaning Service, on Vancouver Island. We started using Roof Wash on a regular basis this year and am very happy to have invested in the equipment to apply this product by truck mounted pump and reservoir.

North Cowichan, BC

Chris Jackson, windowviper.com

How To Clean Your Roof

Instructional Brochure

To download A complete step by step guide for cleaning and maintaining your composite deck guide, click on the links below.


If for any reason you are unhappy with your results and you feel that a refund is warranted, simply return the product and the receipt and we will refund your money, no questions asked. This way you can order with confidence. We want you to be happy and to have a pleasant, stress free shopping experience. Our products work and work well…all you have to do is give them a try!

Attention Contractors: There are no refunds on contractor-size products. We have never had a contractor ask for a refund but if you are a new contractor, we suggest ordering our smaller size products first to get used to using them before ordering our contractor-sized products.