The headlines say it all.

More than 300 fish killed in Sidney’s Reay Creek; bleach suspected

‘Every fish was dead’: Bleach suspected to have killed hundreds of fish in Sidney’s Reay Creek

Contamination blamed for death of more than 300 fish in Sidney creek

On June 6th 2021, a five year old discovered a bunch of dead fish in the Reay creek, on Vancouver Island.
Ian Bruce (executive co-ordinator of the Peninsula Stream Society) pulled 318 cutthroat trout and 6 Coho from the bottom of the creek.

“It appears somebody did something with a lot of bleach and it dropped into their perimeter drains then flowed out through the storm drain into the creek,” Ian Bruce said.

“The public needs to be aware that storm drains lead to these creeks and the ocean so and that there is a need to be careful about what goes down them”

“Even if you don’t go out to the street and put bleach down your grate, if you do it in your yard and it gets into your perimeter drain, this kind of thing can happen.”

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