Stop Rust Corrosion Overnight with Quick Rust Converter & Primer!

  • Quick Rust Converter & Primer is a unique liquid that has the ability to chemically convert rust to a hard metal surface that is ready to be painted overnight.

  • Quick Rust Converter & Primer is really two products in one, it’s a rust “converter” and a rust “primer” so it can be used to stop the spread of rust or be used as a preparation primer before you paint.

  • Quick Rust Converter & Primer is widely used by painters in many industries, home painting, automobile and boat restorations and maintenance men everywhere. Business owners who own equipment use this product as a protective agent to stop the spread of rust as they see it on their equipment, vehicles, etc.

Quick Rust Converter & Primer in Action

Ruster Stopper Before and After 2

Before & After

Ruster Stopper Before and After - Wash Safe Canada Green Cleaning Products

Before & After

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