Wash Safe Canada announces an agreement with Coast Distributors of Nanaimo and Kelowna for Western Canadian distribution of Wash Safe’s line of environmentally safe cleaning products, primarily for moss, algae and mildew removal.

The Western Canadian building supply industry through Coast Distributors, will now have access to this great line-up of safe cleaning solutions from Wash Safe:

* Roof cleaners that remove moss, algae, and mildew without harming the shingles
* Deck cleaners that clean cedar, redwood, or other woods and a new product for the cleaning of the always difficult composite decks.
* Siding cleaners for cedar, vinyl, or aluminum on houses or RV’s
*Cleaners to safely remove moss fron driveways, sidewalks, or pool decks
*Products to remove dirt, road grime, and organic growth from boats, and boating equipment, stables, and kennels, all without harming your pets, gardens, children or nearby lakes, rivers, streams or wells.

For additional information on this release, please contact Douglas von Dersch or Brett Hay of Wash Safe Canada at 1 877 388 6070 (toll free), or 604 988 6070 (local) or Brad McCluskie of Coast Distributors at 250 714 5541.