OK, I have been a boater for longer than most of you have been on this earth, (sad to say). I want to share with you the multiplicity (is that a word) of ways to use Wash Safe Canada’s Marine Mold and Mildew Wash.

When docked in Friday Harbour on Bob Overgaards 30′ sailboat I got the cleaning urge…rare, but it does happen! I had brought a 2 lb size of our Marine Mold and Mildew Wash with us on our annual cruise to the amazing San Juan Islands in Washington State.

I filled a 4 liter bucket with water, mixed a cupful or so of Marine Mold and Mildew Wash into the water and let it perk for about 15 minutes (# 1 beer). I then submerged all of Bobby’s jib sheets in the bucket, agitated it for a few minutes with the deck brush and relaxed for about an hour (# 2 beer). The “green skuz” that floated to the top of the solution was awful! I  agitated the solution in the bucket again and read for a awhile (# 3 beer). I now dunped the bucket out (safe for marine environments, unlike most cleaners), stretched the sheets out on the dock and hosed then off with the dock hose. If fresh water is scarce rinse with sea water..it doesn’t matter, then let dry on the dock…they looked brand new!!

The bad news is that I created a monster..now he had the mooring lines out, and I had to do them (# 4 and# 5 beers…good thing they are American beers). Next we did the spray dodger and sail cover…sprayed on the Marine Mold and Mildew Wash, scrubbed with the, still present, deck brush and again hosed off..voila….absolutely clean as a whistle..everyone on the dock wanted my website, but since I only own the Canadian rights to the product, my friend John Redihan in Cape Cod, the originator of Wash Safe Industries, will get the orders!!!

Unfortunately since the cleaning ( ie Big Bobby) bug was still on me I also poured the solution into his top loading cooler where it disinfected and cleaned the drains, poured about a capful into the marine head and swished it around, left it for several hours (stop counting the beers!), then pumped into the holding tank where it again cleans the deposits from the hoses, and helps break down the skuz inside the tank so next pump out is really complete!

Finally we poured the rest of the bucket into the bilge where it doesn’t affect oil and gas, but releases it from the hull and makes the bilge pump way more effective..whew..wish I had a beer!

Ahhhh isn’t boating fun!!!


ps..all of the above applies to RV Cleaning as well!!