You know everyonce in awhile I run into companies and people who really give a damn about not using chemical toxic products, and when I do from now on I am going to mention them.

Last month we had our “toy” (1989 MBenz 560 sl) detailed as we put it away for the winter. I searched the net and found AJ’S Home and Auto Detailing AJ and his lovely wife bring their custom van to your door, and detail your car right in your own driveway! Not only that but if it is raining they erect a tent over your car and do the job no matter what the weather. The reason I mention AJ is that they use nothing but eco safe products in a business rife with cleaners that are composed of chemicals that I can’t even pronounce…that takes a lot of effort and a lot of research, and that is why I give them the first big “WAY TO GO” AJ!!!