I have this picture of Ronda, my neighbour up in Courtenay, moving her husband Gary and their two son’s hockey gear out into the breezeway using a hockey stick…a LONG hockey stick…even the cat took off!!!
We (Wash Safe Canada) are close to launching a Super Detergent for hockey gear that will remove the dreadful bacteria that causes not only the awful smell, but also reduces the high risk of staph infection. (google the number of players in the NHL that have missed playing time due to such infections).
It will be an “ultra high-test” laundry powder with an oxygen bleach booster added to brighten whites and improve the cleaning of colored items. It is effective not only for hockey gear, but rugby strip, jogging gear, lacrosse, baseball, football, etc., even for hard to clean jobs like the smoke filled firefighters uniforms. It is ideal for any heavy duty cleaning problems or a house full of kids (sorta the same thing!!) … anywhere the use of toxic cleaners is unacceptable.
Anyway stay tuned as we work out the marketing strategies, packaging etc. It will be available through our website http://www.wash-safe-canada.com/ and hopefully your local sporting goods stores later this spring.