A pet kennel, crate or carrier needs to be kept clean and safe from bacteria and germs. Pets can contract such ailments as salmonella poisoning, distemper or kennel cough from exposure to germs left behind from other pets or from the neglect of proper cleaning.
Furthermore, all pet owners understand how quickly irritating and embarrassing pet odors can develop, particularily indoors.
The trick to removing odors and rendering a kennel safe form infection, is to understand the genesis . Odors occur whenever bacteria are present and allowed to grow. Stains and odors are simply composed of different molecules. If you break them apart into their components you change the molecular composition and it will not longer be an odor or stain. As soon as Stable and Kennel Wash is added to water it begins to release millions of oxygen bubbles. These non toxic oxygen bubbles “blast” apart the stain and odor molecules effectively removing the problem. Kennels and their mats and blankets, while comforting for the pet, are natural breeding grounds for odor-causing germs and bacteria, and as such, must be regularily and thoroughly cleaned.
Using bleach and other strong cleaning chemicals, while convenient, may cause harm to your pet through contact or ingestion.
The answer is simple. Using Eco safe, bio friendly cleaning agents such as our Wash Safe’s “Stable and Kennel Wash”, the pet owner provides the required cleansing and deoderizing without any possible harm to their pet, and, incidentally, without any harm to the grass or flowerbeds during the rinsing.
What an easy way to provide peace of mind to the owner that he or she has done everything possible to provide a clean, sweet smelling, safe environment for her pet.