Just had this note from a North Van soccer mom for their team’s fundraising efforts…

I was wondering if you could pass this information on to Doug. Sam’s overseas team is doing a pub night on Feb. 16 and Katie Thomas and I are organizing the silent auction. I was wondering if Doug would be interested in donating some of his product to our event (I was thinking that the sports wash would be a great item but any of the products he has would be great to put together in a basket). The sports wash by the way is fantastic (I’ve used it a number of times on Sam’s stuff and they don’t seem to get smelly as fast as regular washing – so it’s been great!). I’ve attached a letter that we are distributing to businesses, just so you have it. Have Doug let me know either way and thanks for considering donating.

Heather E.  North Vancouver, BC

Sounds like we have a fan in the soccer world! Hopefully Canadian Tire here in North Van will take it out of their warehouse and get it on the shelves asap as people certainly are looking for All Star Sports Wash for soccer, lacrosse and hockey!