With all the tragedy in the East, I thought this might be a useful article in basement mold treatment. Obviously we are suggesting using our Flood RX product, as it is hydrogen peroxide based !

Removing mold on basement walls using hydrogen peroxide

You can use hydrogen peroxide to remove mold on basement walls. Peroxide kills mold, so it is good for this purpose. If there is mold on the basement walls, you may want to consider whether the basement is damp. If the air is continually damp, it’s likely the mold will come back!

HOW TO USE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE: Use 1% to 3% hydrogen peroxide. If the mold looks dry at all, it is important not to touch it or disturb it. First spray the mold with hydrogen peroxide. This reduces the likelihood of mold powder flying in the air. One way to clean the walls is to just spray hydrogen peroxide on, then use a sponge to wipe the walls off. Work from the bottom up so that any drips will always be running into areas that are already wet. To kill the mold more effectively, spray and then leave the peroxide in place for a minute before wiping it off. Another way to clean the walls is to mix hydrogen peroxide with HOT water, then use a sponge to clean with this solution. Work from the bottom up.