I think that everybody knows how to clean concrete, it’s what to use and how to keep it clean that can make a difference.

Cleaning with a scrub and hose; thoroughly wet a section of the concrete with the Concrete Wash mixture, allowing 10-15 minutes of time to pass so that the concrete cleaner can go to work on the targeted debris. Once the time has passed, scrub the area with a medium bristle brush and hose off.

Cleaning with a pressure washer is the same method, just make sure to allow the 10-15 minutes for the cleaner to get into the pores and really loosen the debris.

98% of the discoloration of concrete is due to “organic” matter, dirt, mold, mildew, green algae, black algae, all of which is “organic”. You do not need acids or phosphates that the other concrete cleaners contain to remove organic matter, if you are “etching” the concrete then a stronger, toxic product may be necessary. Our concrete cleaning formula is made from a very safe sodium percarbonate mix; its only target is organic fungus. When applied you will see a million little bubbles go to work to on any fungus in its path. The majority of the time you don’t even need to scrub, you will see the white foam turn black or green as starts to clean, then simply hose off the concrete. You don’t have to worry if it gets in the pool, people actually use sodium percarbonate to control the algae instead of chlorine. You don’t have to worry about it damaging you lawn, plants or discoloring any painted surfaces that it may come in contact with, its only target is fungus.

Keeping the concrete clean is easy once you have completed a thorough cleaning, just spray down the concrete periodically and let Mother Nature do the cleaning for you. The areas that are in direct sun will usually stay the cleanest the longest, so spray more frequently in the shady areas, this will control the growth and spread of any algae.

We added oil and grease cutters for that 5% of the concrete that has a non-organic stain to make our product a complete concrete cleaner.

We make our products in powdered form for a couple of key reasons. First of all, because it is in a powdered form it basically has an unlimited shelf life. Secondly, when the product is mixed with water it is at 100% of its cleaning strength. Now on the other hand, when you buy a cleaning agent in liquid form, every day that it is off of the production line it is losing a percentage of its strength. You will never get a 100% of its cleaning strength and you very well may only get 5% of its cleaning strength. Any chemist will tell you that when faced with the option between a powder concentrate and liquid concentrate, the powder is always your best bet.

Concrete Wash has become our best seller, try it, we guarantee the results.