Should I clean my roof in the winter or wait till spring?

We receive this question by email dozens of times per week throughout the winter. The answer really depends on the method of cleaning that you are going to use and on how cold it gets where you live.

My motto is “why put off doing it tomorrow when you can do it today”.

The winter is actually an excellent time to clean your roof; the majority of roof fungus, especially moss is dormant and quite weak and brittle during the winter months, which is just what we want. If you are considering using the “gradual cleaning method” , the winter weather will really assist in cleaning the roof. Driving winds, pounding rains, snow and ice all help to naturally scrub the roof clean.

Just pick a warm day and give the roof a good coat of our Roof Wash. Don’t spray the roof too early in the morning let the roofing material warm up with the day’s sun and at its warmest point, apply the roof cleaner. Mix the product with warm water (not hot) to better activate the cleaning agents in the winter.

If you are manually going up on the roof with proper equipment to clean, a minimum of 5°C is necessary.

By the time spring comes your roof could be clean, get started today and stop the damage being caused by the roof fungus, not to mention, the stuff is an absolute “eyesore” on the roof.