Ok, the roof is now clean so how long will it stay that way?

That all depends on what you do to prevent the roof from getting dirty or should we say infected with fungus again.

There are basically two options:

  1. Zinc. Zinc has been proven to dramatically slow the return and in most cases entirely prevent the return of any fungus on a roof directly below the zinc. Zinc is applied along the ridge line of the roof and as it rains, the water that passes over the strip of zinc becomes chemically induced with zinc particles. These particles coat the roof below and destroy the mold spores before they get a chance to grow. Zinc looks like aluminum and comes in a roll that you roll out and adhere to the roof, this should be done shortly after the roof cleaning. Zinc for years has been used by the US Navy on boat bottoms, with the same theory the boats hull and propellers remain algae free.
  2. Re-coat. Coating your roof with Roof Wash once or twice per year (spring and fall) will almost guarantee that the roof will remain clean. Simply apply and leave on for Mother Nature to rinse off. Pick a day when rain is not in the forecast and give the roof a healthy coating. This method is similar to fertilizing your lawn, if you don’t want weeds to come up; you need to spread something on the lawn to prevent it.

Which is best? I would say that they work equally as well; making a decision between the two is more about what is easier for you to apply. If you have a pump or an easy way to coat your roof with the Roof Wash, roof cleaning product and you don’t mind doing it then that may be the solution for you. Because Roof Wash contains hydrogen peroxide when the solution comes in contact with active fungus it fuzzes up white so by coating your roof yourself every year you can see just how much fungus has started to re-grow on the roof, no fuzz = no fungus, the areas that fuzz is where it has started to grow back but has now been stopped. On the other hand, you apply the zinc one time and your maintenance is done, every rain gives your roof a fresh coat and anti-fungus solution. I have an easy roof to walk on and coating my roof has become part of my spring cleaning and when it’s time to clean the gutters in the fall, I give it one more coat. The sales of each product are about equal and the results are both successful, all we know for sure is if the roof needed to be cleaned in the first place then the fungus will return and return soon if you do not prevent it by one of these methods.