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Winter Roof Cleaning


Should I clean my roof in the winter or wait till spring? We receive this question by email dozens of times per week throughout the winter. The answer really depends [...]

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Sail Cleaning Do It Yourself


Dirty sails on your sailboat are embarrassing but you have ever tried cleaning them? Sometimes cleaning them can cause more damage than good and sail cleaning has never been an [...]

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Roof Moss Removal


There are 3 options when it comes to removing roof moss. The “Gradual” method. The “Brush and Hose” method. The “Power Washing” method. Which method is right for you? Well [...]

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Methods of Pumping and Spraying


When applying cleaner to any surface some type of mixing container and a pumping mechanism is necessary, there are 4 types of pumps capable of the task. The first pump [...]

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Keeping Your Roof Clean


Ok, the roof is now clean so how long will it stay that way? That all depends on what you do to prevent the roof from getting dirty or should [...]

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Deck Cleaning


Deck Cleaning, it doesn't have to be a toxic experience. Usually before I cut the grass for the first time in the spring, I clean my deck. My deck is [...]

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"Bio Degradable" is so misleading


One of the most frustrating aspects of the Eco/Green business is the use of the word "biodegradable" as a synonym for "safe for the environment". One of the most obvious miscreants [...]

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Composite Deck Cleaning


Composite decks were supposed to be maintenance free and last forever, that’s why everybody spent the extra money on composite decking instead of a traditional wood deck. Now it seems [...]

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