Why Retailers Love Our Products

//Why Retailers Love Our Products
Why Retailers Love Our Products 2014-03-19T16:09:29+00:00

Considering selling our products in your store? Here are the reasons other retailers love our products:

  • Packaging
    We have designed the labels to be bright, colorful and job specific. What we mean by that is that the labeling has been specifically named and designed to prompt a buyer to think "oh ya...I have that problem" and then to buy.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide-Based Products
    With hydrogen peroxide as our active agent agent our products not only remove moss and algae, but actually destroy the roots, which dramatically extends the regrowth protection.

    The molecular composition of our Wash Safe is H2O2…which is called sodium peroxide..or in other words, hydrogen peroxide, a liquid, mixed with “alum” to give a powdered or granular physical characteristic. As it cleans (think of something like alka seltzer), it releases the extra oxygen molecule. This foaming action is what loosens and lifts the visual part of the moss. Then as a result of the release of this molecule, the cleaning solution merely biodegrades into H2O after 4 – 6 hours, leaving absolutely no residue or pollutant on the surface.

    We used the “visual” term in the last point purposely, as the Wash Safe cleaners are one of the few if not the only moss and algae removers that actually penetrate beneath surface being cleaned, attacking the roots and spores that have formed inside the material. This means that, as most cleaners look like they have solved the problem, the cause is still there and ready to begin regrowth immediately. This is of particular concern with painting as I warrant there isn’t a painting contractor out there that hasn’t been recalled a year or so after painting because of the algae growing again under the new paint causing all sorts of problems, particularly with wooden surfaces.
  • Pricing
    With the 2 lb container diluting into 8 gallons, the cost per gallon is very competitive. It is difficult to compare apples to apples, but when your sales team point out to their customers that the long term effects of a surface cleaned using Wash Safe products is probably 3 times that of a competitor that only surface cleans, and that the dilution ratio makes the per unit price very competitive, it provides a much easier sell even if a customer is purchasing on a price point comparison only. Our experience has shown that if the sales person offer such rationale, the purchase decision for Wash Safe becomes much more compelling.
  • Dry vs Liquid Cleaners
    Liquid cleaners lose their potency when opened,period. Dry do not. This means when a customer purchases our products and they only use a portion, when they come back to use it again it is still 100% effective whereas a liquid can lose of to 90% of its effectiveness over time, not to mention that a liquid cleaner is usually 90% water to begin with, (which unfortunately is what the customer is paying for). All you need to do is look at the MSDS forms to see the large percentage of water in the bottles.
  • Contractor Requirements
    More and more contractors are finding, particularly in commercial contracts, that the specs call for using environmentally sensitive products wherever possible. In most cases that caveat “when ever possible” is the weak link as few other moss and algae cleaners offer contractor sizes. No contractor is going to clean using a hand held spray bottle…it is way too expensive and way too time consuming (which in a contractor’s world is the same thing). We offer 40# contractor’s containers that will effectively clean, for example, 4 or 5 typical sized residential roofs, and allow the use of high volume sprayers for application. The margins on contractor’s purchases are, like in most other materials, far higher than the homeowner purchase.
  • Customer-Focused Website
    As you have seen, our website is designed for your customers, and we are continually upgrading it to add more value to you and in turn your customers. Each product has an extensive amount of practical information to make the Wash Safe cleaning experience the best possible. We add answers to questions that our customers ask on a daily basis daily as well as actual customer tips.