Spray & Clean Deck Cleaner with Hose End Bottle

//Spray & Clean Deck Cleaner with Hose End Bottle
Spray & Clean Deck Cleaner with Hose End Bottle2017-06-30T18:54:01+00:00
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Redihans Eco-Safe Spray & Clean Deck Cleaner with Hose End Bottle

Redihans Eco-Safe Spray & Clean Deck Cleaner with Hose End Bottle
    • 95% All Natural
    • The quickest, easiest way to clean your deck!
    • Removes mold and stains instantly from composite and wood decking
    • Recommended by TimberTech and Azek Building Products

32oz / 2lb container

• Cleans mold stains from all types of decking.
• Easy to use hose end bottle
• Works instantly
• Cleans 600 sq. ft.

FOR BEST RESULTS: After applying product to deck and letting sit for 15 minutes use a pressure washer to clean and rinse decking. Use above 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

DIRECTIONS: Attach bottle to a garden hose and turn on the water, the turn valve on the top of the bottle should be in "off" position. Break small valve stopper by bending outward, aim the bottle towards the center of the deck, turn valve to "on" position, after saturating your deck stop and let the product work, re-applying where needed, use a pressure washer or deck scrub brush to scrub the deck where needed, turn valve to "water" and rinse the deck after scrubbing. Repeat as needed.

CAUTION: Avoid contact with eyes, if contact flush with water seek medical attention if irritation continues. Avoid skin contact. Avoid contact with clothes, avoid excess contact with landscaping.

WARNING: Keep out of reach from children or pets. Do not spray at people or pets.

CONTAINS: Less than 5% sodium hypochlorite.


2lb Bottle $24.99


If for any reason you are unhappy with your results and you feel that a refund is warranted, simply return the product and the receipt and we will refund your money, no questions asked. This way you can order with confidence. We want you to be happy and to have a pleasant, stress free shopping experience. Our products work and work well…all you have to do is give them a try!

Attention Contractors: There are no refunds on contractor-size products. We have never had a contractor ask for a refund but if you are a new contractor, we suggest ordering our smaller size products first to get used to using them before ordering our contractor-sized products.
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