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Thinking of Starting Your Own Roof Cleaning Business? Every day we get at least one phone call from an enterprising individual who has the great idea of starting a roof cleaning business in their area. Regardless of their location the reasoning for wanting to start a roof cleaning business is always the same. They notice Read More »

Wash Safe Canada Roof Cleaner chosen as best moss removal product In the August 2013 issue of Cottage Life magazine, Wash Safe Canada’s Roof Wash was chosen as the best product for moss removal out of four leading competitive products. Click here to read the full article.      

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Wash Safe Canada receives 2013 Canadian Excellence Award  May 21st 2014 –  Wash Safe Canada has been selected for the 2013 Canadian Excellence Award amongst all its peers and competitors by the US Trade & Commerce Institute (USTCI). Each year the USTCI conducts business surveys and industry research to identify certain international companies Read More »

OK, I have been a boater for longer than most of you have been on this earth, (sad to say). I want to share with you the multiplicity (is that a word) of ways to use Wash Safe Canada’s Marine Mold and Mildew Wash. When docked in Friday Harbour on Bob Overgaards 30′ sailboat I Read More »

Although all of Wash Safe Canada‘s containers have mixing instructions on each Wash Safe bottle, we thought it might be interesting to give mixing instructions for smaller household cleaning problems. When using our Mold and Mildew Wash, Stain and Odour Evaporator, Flood Rx and All Star Sports Wash the following table might prove useful: 1 Read More »

Just had a conversation with Cory Schimf from Troy Stewart Contracting Services here in Vancouver and we were discussing the use of our eco safe, green Wash Safe Cedar Wash and our Wash Safe New England Coastal Cedar Seal in his Cedar Roof restoration and Cedar Roof Cleaning business. He has an idea he agreed Read More »

On my website is a You Tube video about a homeowner who found his house was uninsurable because of moss on his roof. We assume this indicated to the insurance company that any water damage would be caused by a lack on maintnenance. The good news is that roof moss can be safely and effectively Read More »

Most homeowners never think much about dark streaks or moss on their roof or worry too much about keeping a clean roof. Especially if it’s not leaking. Until they receive a letter from their insurance company threatening home insurance policy cancellation!”I got a letter from my insurance company. They’d come on a day I wasn’t Read More »

Should I clean my roof in the winter or wait till spring? We receive this question by email dozens of times per week throughout the winter. The answer really depends on the method of cleaning that you are going to use and on how cold it gets where you live. My motto is “why put Read More »