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Doug von Dersch, Wash Safe Canada

Doug von Dersch, Owner, Wash Safe Canada

The Wash Safe product line is manufactured by Wash Safe Industries of Brewster, Massachusetts USA. Wash Safe Canada is Canada’s exclusive importer and is responsible for setting up distribution, wholesale and retail accounts throughout the Canadian provinces. The Wash Safe product line provides home and business owners a safe alternative to the toxic cleaning products that dominate the cleaning market. Wash Safe products are highly effective cleaners but gentle on the environment, providing pleasant citrus scents not obnoxious chemical odors and will not harm people, plants or pets.

Our Story

President Doug von Dersch started Wash Safe Canada in January 2010. Here’s the story…

“It all started when we had a moss problem on our country home in Courtenay on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. As the property has over 1000 feet of riverfront on the Browns River, and takes its water from a well, we were very reluctant to use any of the conventional chemical roof moss and algae cleaners. The instructions kept warning about using protective clothing, covering shrubbery and especially about the dangers of using around rivers, streams, ponds or lakes.

After much research we found a company in Cape Cod, MA, advertising an environmentally safe, non toxic family of cleaners. We contacted John Redihan, President of Wash Safe Industries, (and champion softball player), talked a lot, emailed endlessly and as the TV ad said “we liked it so much we bought the company”!! Well, not really but we did negotiate distribution rights for Canada.”

As parents of the next generation and as concerned citizens of the earth, we have a passionate belief in going Green in all aspects of our lives and are very proud to introduce these amazing earth – friendly products to the residential and commercial cleaning marketplace.

The Future of “Green” Products:

The move towards consumer demand and acceptance of Green Products, although becoming more commonplace, is still in its infancy in Canada. However, the movement is rapidly growing as more of us recognize that the future depends on the availability, acceptance and use of environmentally friendly products.

Wash Safe products are specifically formulated to provide alternatives to the use of toxic and destructive chemicals.

Facts about Wash Safe Products:

  1. Concept: The Wash Safe products were developed from the need to offer a safe alternative to cleaning with chlorine bleach, phosphate based ammonia or other toxic cleaning agents. People clean with these items because they never had a choice, now they do, a safe and effective choice.
  2. Market Research: Research and development was done over a 4-year-period, where the manufactures setup a cleaning division exclusively using Wash Safe Products. Each cleaning project was studied in detail and the products were improved as needed until we were 100% confident in the cleaning effectiveness and customer approval.
  3. Testing Process: Actual customers created the products. They identified the need and we made the products. Hundreds of cleaning jobs were completed and hundreds of customers were interviewed. The products are a result of 4 years of testing. We listened to the customers’ needs and solved the customers’ problems.
  4. Primary Ingredient: We decided on hydrogen peroxide because of its effectiveness in removing fungi of all types. Our hydrogen peroxide based cleaners are non-staining, odorless and harmless to people, pets and plants. With all this considered, the Wash Safe hydrogen peroxide product line is one of the “greenest” on the shelf.
  5. Satisfaction Guaranteed: All Wash Safe products offer a money-back guarantee. If for any reason a customer is unhappy with the results, and feel that a refund is warranted, they simply return the product with the receipt, and their money will be refunded.
  6. Conclusion: As a conscientious consumer you have no doubt considered the long term effects of these products that are being recommended. If you haven’t, its time to be sensitive to what you are buying and the consequences. Wash Safe products are products that you can feel comfortable buying or recommending to others.
  7. As the retailer, you will be satisfied knowing that your customers will complete the cleaning project and not harm themselves or further damage the environment.